Giftfile Project: Development


This is the place to find details about how the giftfile system works, technical specifications for giftfile certificates and the giftpool protocol, and reference software. Please bear with us as we continue to distill these items from our private development notes and programming.


We are currently changing the giftfile certificate format from XML to JSON, and the OpenPGP signature format from XML-DSIG to cleartext. These simplifications will eliminate the need for a special tool to generate certificates.

If you publish nonproprietary creative works, please try creating some test certificates (see the proposed format below), and give feedback as we nail down the format.

When the certificate format is finalized, we'll encourage all publishers to certify their nonproprietary creative works. Grants to publishers won't be possible until the Giftpool side of the project is completed, but in the meantime, creators, distributors, and users can benefit from nonproprietary rights data strongly associated with the files floating around on the Internet.



giftfile-dev - Mailing list for all aspects of the Giftfile Project.

There is an IRC channel for the Giftfile Project (#giftfile on which is open to any discussion related to the project.